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The next two weeks are going to change your body.

Are you ready?

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This is what's going to happen...

You will get stronger. Differently.

You might be used to workouts that just pound you into the ground and say they're making you stronger. This will feel different, on purpose.

It's important that your body begins by learning good breathing mechanics. And then it has to learn how to control the posture of your pelvis, how to get your glutes to fire properly, and how to maintain precise positioning during bracing exercises (like planks) and moving exercises (like squats).

It might feel slow at times, but trust the process. It works.

Take your time, follow along diligently, and you'll notice the subtle yet important changes to your back, abs, glutes and even knees.

The next two weeks.

Be diligent. Commit to doing these exercises every other day for the next two weeks. It will only take you 15 minutes, and you'll barely sweat. Trust me, you can do this. 

For your first week, follow along with the Week One video and circuit of exercises. 

After that, progress onward and start doing the Week Two video and circuit of exercises.

What you'll need.

The only piece of equipment you need is a firm miniband loop. 

I recommend using the blue one in this pack. You may also be able to find these from a sporting goods store or a physical therapist. 

And you'll need 15 minutes every other day. 

Can you do this every day? Yes. But you don't have to.

Let's get started!

Week One

Follow along with this video, pausing as needed. You will play this video twice.

Print this out. Feel free to mark this up with notes!

Week Two

Follow along with this video, pausing as needed. You will play this video at least twice. 

Want to do more? You can do this circuit up to three times through.

A Closer Look

If you have the time to learn a bit more, let's take a closer look at the technique of some of these exercises...

Isn't breathing just breathing?

Good Breathing Mechanics

Perfect Planking

"Don't be the board, be above the board..."

Dead Bugs

What in the world is a dead bug?

Perfect Squats

Stick your booty out, now stick it out more!

Apply these technique principles to your Strong Hips and Core circuit to feel more confident as you do the exercises!

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